Elevate Learning

Memtrix is a next generation learning management system that provides instructors at any level the tools to develop cohesive study units for individuals and teams. Our goal is to enhance the learning experience through time-tested measures of evaluation, reporting and feedback on a modern web-based platform.

The Power Behind Memtrix

Immediate Feedback

Improves learning and stimulates engagement.


Measure the learning process with data.


Track and report how users are preforming.

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Revolutionize Learner Interaction

Modern Science

8 evidence based modern scientific learning principles applied to this software.


Engage in learning levels constructed as rubrics indicating exactly where a learner requires assistance.


Integrated performance indicators that expand instruction.

Attention: Educators

Do you want your students to do better?

Powerful Educational Features


New Features are always added to make our application better.


Create and share study units online.

Learning Tools

Instructor messaging, virtual notepad and PDF export are available.


Innovating scoring system helps to evaluate knowledge.


Work together to maximize the learning experience.

File Support

Upload images, documents, spreadsheets and powerpoints.

Try Our Demo!

Experience Endless Potential

As we continually develop Memtrix, we invite you to try our interactive demo and see how Memtrix can work for your learning environment. If you would like to be one of the first people to try our completed project, please support our GoFundMe and we’ll make sure you are part of the premiere group to receive access.

View our PDF instructions to access the Memtrix Demo.

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