Our Mission

Memtrix’s main goal is to provide a comprehensible and intuitive user-friendly eLearning experience to our users and to build retention using scientific based learning methods.

The Creator of Memtrix

Memtrix’s creator, H. Mike Kanitz is a former veteren and educator that has spent his life trying to help those around him by constantly pushing to improve our education systems. As Mike noticed that many instructors were lacking the tools to properly teach and evaluate the level of learning by the students, he developed the Memtrix J-LAGG Simulator.

Students were not engaging with the information given by conventional methods and the J-LAGG Simulator gives constant feedback to harness the power of the attending brain.

What is J-LAGG Simulator


Packets of information.

Stimulates Learning

Reduces boredom and encourages excitement.

Connect the Dots

Retention comes from self discovery.

The J-LAGG simulator is founded on the concept of micro-learning. Mike noticed learners, at any level, retain information better when digested in smaller packets. Which is now beginning to trend in educational circles.

Alongside the conception of the J-LAGG Simulator, Mike dew up a visual matrix to help learners connect the dots. He named this visual aid, Meaning-Maker-Matrix.

Together, he realized that this type of visual analytical function provides stimulus for both interpretation and demonstration by properly connecting the facts to solve a problem.

Open-ended learning opportunities with prompts providing immediate feedback is critical in memory and cognition.

“After conduction several NASA programs, I noticed the J-LAGG Simulation made an immediate and sustained impression on every elementary, middle, and highschool student.”

-Phil Wills, NASA Space Grant Graduate Student Research Assistant University of Michigan

Our Next Step

We recently completed another phase of our production. We now set our sights on taking Memtrix J-LAGG Simulator across screens in every classroom, business, and museums needing a eLearning solution. Support our goal by visiting us on our GoFundMe page. Together we are getting closer to realizing Memtrix’s true potential one classroom at a time.

Try Our Demo!

Experience Endless Potential

As we continually develop Memtrix, we invite you to try our interactive demo and see how Memtrix can work for your learning environment. If you would like to be one of the first people to try our completed project, please support our GoFundMe and we’ll make sure you are part of the premiere group to receive access.

View our PDF instructions to access the Memtrix Demo.

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